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Traditional geblek food that follows the changing times.

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Gerbosari Village (1/10).  Indonesia consists of various islands that line from Sabang to Merauke, where there are hundreds of types of traditional foods that still survive amid the many modern and contemporary foods that have sprung up. In addition to the price that is much more affordable, traditional foods that are usually easily found in traditional markets also have a unique, attractive, and of course delicious.

One of them is Geblek, a traditional snack / snack that you can meet while visiting Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta. Although not as famous as other market snacks such as dumplings, layer cakes, apem cakes and others, Geblek is still a mainstay snack for residents in Kulon Progo when a family gathering or just being served in the afternoon. In fact, it has now become one of the culinary icons typical of Kulon Progo, which tourists often buy as souvenirs. Although the basic ingredients of Geblek remain the same, namely aci or starch, but because they keep up with the times so young people can accept them, the makers of geblek make various variants of geblek flavors, including: original flavors, cheese flavors, tuna flavors, barbecue flavors and others taste.

Geblek has a white color, the texture is rather chewy when bitten, the shape is quite unique, namely in the form of two medium spheres that connect to each other resembling the number eight. The process of making Geblek is still very traditional. But it requires several times the manufacturing process is quite long. Geblek is usually made from a mixture consisting of a mixture of starch or aci flour, uleg garlic, a little salt. But before all ingredients are mixed, starch as the main ingredient must go through the process of steaming first for approximately 10 minutes. This process serves to eliminate the unpleasant odor and raw taste that may arise because starch is not yet fully cooked. It doesn't stop there, after the starch is mixed with seasonings of garlic and salt, the dough must be steamed again for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the dough's texture is denser and heavier. After that, the dough can be formed and fried until cooked and fluffy. The thing to remember when frying geblek, it must be tightly closed because it can "break" or explode. This long process, which makes the taste of Geblek more delicious and completely cooked to the inside of the flour. In addition, the crispy texture on the outside but soft and rather springy on the inside is increasingly the main attraction of these traditional snacks. Because of its crispy texture, Geblek is most delicious to eat while still hot as a companion for drinking tea or warm coffee in all situations, especially during the afternoon or when it rains. Red-RaNi

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